Tuesday, February 17, 2009


According to Wikipedia 0.227% of the world's population is Jewish. Jews are, however, way overrepresented in the sciences, winning over 20% of Nobel science based prizes. It is therefore in everyone's best interest to encourage the extraordinary productivity of Jewish scientists.

But failed Fairfax intern Antony Loewenstein reckons the UK's Israel Day of Science, covering cancer research, nano-technology, solar energy, water desalination and other highly relevant topics, is a celebration of "dodgy science". This from a meathead who struggles to write an intelligible sentence and until recently thought Columbia is both a university and a country.

Loewenstein and like-minded lefties are worried attending students will come away from the exhibition with an unduly favourable impression of Israel. Perhaps the solution is to balance things out by making all attendees watch a Hamas physics video – inertia can be a bitch.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

the golden age of Arab science was so successful, they’d finished everything by the 14th century.

And they still bang on about it, 700 years later, as though we should all be impressed and therefore overlook their 'explosive' achievements in this century...

Oh, and on behalf of school students everywhere, let me just say thanks a lot for Algebra...

1:48 PM  
Anonymous rodw said...

Oh, and Arabs could have contributed a lot more by not obliterating the golden age of Egyptian science. That has caused considerable rework and we are still not sure how pyramids were used to communicate with the Martians.

2:13 PM  

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