Monday, February 09, 2009


Tim Blair, undoubtedly envious, takes a swipe at journalistic juggernaut Larvatus Prodeo, Australia's "best read political blog" and media agenda setter. Certainly no one can blame Blair for feeling, well, inadequate when contemplating LP's huge readership (much bigger than Andrew Bolt's!) and obvious influence (Michelle Grattan is swiping Mark Bahnisch's ideas!). With LP effectively controlling Australia's media Mark Bahnisch has now assumed the position formerly held by lefty intellectual Chris Sheil as the most prominent lefty blogger in the known universe.

Now I haven't visited LP much of late – the intellectual commentary and wit are way beyond me – so I don't know if the information has been posted but I can't recall seeing anything recently on the site's amazing stats, and their counter seems to be broken. So, I reckon it's time for someone at LP – maybe Kim, who keeps telling us about their astonishing numbers and influence – to post the site's stats. I am prepared to be awed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really very high IQ stuff you get there. Mark B is quite possibly the most powerful intellect in the country at this moment. He's smarter than Einstein and the Quiggler combined.

9:18 PM  

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