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Work was especially trying this week so it's time to take a look at what Antony Loewenstein has posted that can be ridiculed with minimal effort.

Loewy links to a report by Jonathan Miller indicating that the United Nations need not retract allegations that the IDF attacked a Gaza school because the UN never claimed the school was attacked. Well, it somehow became common knowledge that the IDF shelled the school with Loewenstein himself writing in the Courier-Mail:
The Western media has been bombarded with Israeli disinformation. Take the Jewish state's bombing of a UN school in Gaza last week that killed 40 people...
Will he correct some of his bombardment of disinformation? Don't hold your breath.

Loewy is much impressed by pro-Palestinian basketball fans' "stunning chant": “Boycott Israel - Viva Palestine!” Hey, it is kinda catchy.

Loewy is not much impressed by London's peaceful pro-Tamil marchers, recommending that they should have chased police through the street while yelling "you fucking pooftah cowards". Yep, lefties are partial to political violence.

In a post titled How to breed hatred in children Angry Ant links to a video of 10 year-old Palestinian Mona Samouni retelling the much-covered, heart-rending story of her family's "massacre" by the IDF. As is typical of the Ant-man he hasn't researched this; if he had he'd know this story has gone through several evolutions – other versions here and here.

Like my dear departed father forever reminded me, "you can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps". What then to make of Sheik Taj women-invite-rape Din the-Holocaust-is-a-lie al-Hilali inviting Loewy to travel with him to Gaza? A Middle East visit by these two bright sparks would lower the region's collective IQ by at least 10 points.

Not a word from Loewy on the suspension by the UN of all aid to Gaza following two aid thefts in the past week by Hamas, the "legitimate, democratically elected political party that controls the government". It's like, you know, a form of taxation.

In a rare lucid moment Loewy damns both himself and the media pinheads who publish his ravings:
At what point will the liberal media realise that my shameless media construction of deliberate ignorance appeals to nobody except those who love to celebrate ignorance?
Probably never. I took some liberties with the quote above, by the way.

Update: A plea for GITMO's continued use as a prison for terror suspects prompts a post titled Can we skin them alive and watch? Well, skinning a squirming person would be pretty hard to do with your eyes closed, now wouldn't it?

Update II: Some of the guy's stuff is so strange it's hard to know where to start:
Victoria is currently experiencing shocking bushfires that have claimed countless lives.
Er no, deaths are not too numerous to be counted.
One fire-fighter told Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper that the scenes were like a “Holocaust”.
The firefighter correctly described the scene as "a holocaust", as in "a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life especially through fire". The firefighter was not comparing fire damage to the Holocaust.
A leading Muslim leader recently said that the Holocaust was being used by Israel to justify Israeli violence against Palestinians, which is “just as ugly as the Holocaust”.

Jewish leaders condemned the Muslim leader for daring to use the term “Holocaust” and minimising the trauma of the Jewish Holocaust in World War II.
The "leading Muslim leader" is Loewenstein's new pal, the infamous Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, who now compares Gaza to the Holocaust having earlier called the Holocaust a "Zionist lie".
Personally speaking, I don’t apply the term “Holocaust” to describe Israel’s barbarity in Palestine, but I’m willing to bet that no Jewish leaders will complain about the fire-fighter’s use of the word.
But he has referred to Israelis as "the modern descendants of Hitler".


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Can we hope that Loewenstink will take up the Sheik's offer and go to Gaza? And can we then hope that he'll never come back?

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