Friday, April 03, 2009


Ant Rogenous, aggressive PP boy and blogger, has had a bad run. He has authored only four Pure Poison posts, one of which was deleted and an apology issued. His most recent PP post was on 16 March. He does no better at Grods, with one of his three latest posts disappearing without explanation.

Ironically, the now gone Grods post addresses Rogenous's disappearance from the blogging scene:
As difficult as it might be to believe, sometimes a pesky little thing called the Real World intrudes on hobby blogging. A hobby blogger, facing such an incursion, might wish to spend a few days with his mind exclusively in this Real World — perhaps because of a new job* he might just have begun, or perhaps because family matters might have required much more attention than usual. Maybe even both.

While it’s entertaining to indulge in conspiracy theories and wishful thinking about the whereabouts of such a blogger, you’ll usually find those follies are way off the mark.

I have not been “sacked” from Pure Poison over WBIPgate. The events surrounding the article’s removal from the site have nothing to do with my absence from the interpipes this past week or so.
The post above was written on the 10th of March. His latest PP post was 12 March with his most recent Grods effort on 19 March. Thus it seems that Ant Rogenous's short (and less than illustrious) blogging career – blogging for money at Crikey makes him more than a hobby blogger – is over.


Anonymous J F Beck said...

If I knew for certain why the posts were removed I'd say so. Since you seem to be in the know, why not cut the crap and tell us?

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toaf, why don't you tell us. We genuinely don't know.

6:50 AM  

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