Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Speaking at a Foreign Correspondents' Association luncheon, Antony Loewenstein is introduced as a man "who must be one of the most hated people in Australia", who somehow manages to "cope with the attacks he is facing on an almost daily basis". It is revealed for the first time that Loewenstein is not only an author and writer of renown, he's an "academic". The truly ridiculous introduction and Loewenstein's presentation – try to count how many times he adjusts the microphone – are availble here. Please note: I accept no responsibility for IQ reduction suffered by anyone clicking that link.

By the way, what about that new hairstyle?


Anonymous Louis Hissink said...

Frankenstein had bolts either side of his neck, presumably for mechanical reasons but Lowenstein's metal rings in his ear(s) are another matter - is that where the electrodes are attached to charge his brain at the end of the day?

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

Check out the photos. You'd think he'd at least put on a nice pair of trousers.

I guess all the proceeds from his book sales, and payments from New Matilda, don't go that far these days at Vinnies....

If only he could get on the Saudi/Iranian payroll...


7:42 AM  
Anonymous TimT said...

And a 'prominent Australian journalist'! I wonder if he believes it, though?

8:18 AM  

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