Wednesday, April 08, 2009


A bit of fun by North Melbourne players has caused quite a stir:
A video depicting degrading sex acts filmed in the rooms of the North Melbourne Football Club and posted online by one of the side's young footballers is being investigated by the club.

North Melbourne chief executive Eugene Arocca said last night he was "embarrassed" about the four-minute movie that depicts sex acts by a toy rubber chicken — being manoeuvred by an unidentifiable human hand — in a supermarket, a pub toilet and in the club's locker rooms and offices.

Throughout the video, which was posted on YouTube, the toy chicken has a condom on its head and is manipulated to look as if it is penetrating the carcass of a real chicken that also features throughout the film.
The photo with the story shows the rubber chicken sans condom so it's immediately clear a condom wasn't worn throughout the video. Maybe there should be an outcry over unsafe rubber chicken sex. Regardless, it's fanciful to claim a rubber chicken can engage in "degrading sex acts" with a plucked and gutted chicken carcass. Clearly some imagination must come into play:
The real chicken seemingly plays the role of a woman. The storyline becomes increasingly menacing as the two characters go to the pub — he has beer, she has white wine — and end up having sex in the toilet.
The whole thing sounds like immature horseplay by some young players trying to let off some steam. Really, why would anyone care?


Anonymous ar said...

Sounds like art, to me...

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