Monday, April 06, 2009


Andrew Bolt obsessives liken his objecting to a 10¢ plastic bag fee to the Prime Minister making a flight attendant cry over a meal mix-up. The two scenarios are vastly different.

Bolt and the sales assistant who advised him of the bag charge were dealing on approximately equal terms – neither had power over the other.

The sales assistant did not appear to be upset as a result of the conversation.

It was Bolt, the supposed aggressor, who reported the incident.

This is in sharp contrast to the Prime Minister berating probably the most junior member of a military flight-crew, who had no option but to silently stand and take whatever was directed at her – she was reported to have been reduced to tears.

This incident being deemed by the fight-crew to be so significant as to warrant an official report up the chain of command. Such a report would not be career enhancing.

When news of the incident leaked out, Prime Ministerial staff apparently denied anything unusual had happened. Only later did the Prime Minister apologise for his actions.

It's odd that lefties continue to support perhaps the most powerful man in Australia's abuse of one of the country's weakest workers.

Update: With the advent of Pure Poison, The Blair/Bolt Watch Project was shut down. But for a serious Bolt-obsessive like Jeremy – he obviously thinks about little else (other than the poor service provided by mobile phone carriers) – it's impossible to write too much about Bolt. So, Bolt Watch has been reactivated.

Everybody needs an interest but thinking about Andrew Bolt 24/7 is ridiculous. Bolt is inside the guy's brain.

Correction: I misread the date on Bolt Watch: the date is March 2008, not March 2009. Bolt Watch has not been reactivated. I am, like the Prime Minister, subject to error. The story is actually recycled at Jeremy's personal blog.


Anonymous Toaf said...

I don't get it. That post is from March last year. How has it been "reactivated"?

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Complaining about a charge for a plastic bag is not at all like making an air hostess cry. However, Rudd's behaviour is quite similar to Jeremy Sear's harassment of the Airport Parking Inspector last year.

8:38 AM  

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