Saturday, August 01, 2009


The other day I wrote a short post on high profile anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott's attempts to frighten Australians into abandoning uranium mining. Grodster Bridgit Gread dropped in to accuse me of nitpicking. In the discussion that followed it emerged that Gread knows little about Caldicott or her activities and isn't interested in finding out more. I was surprised that Gread took so little interest in Caldicott's role in the ongoing uranium mining debate, a matter of some significance.

On the other hand, Gread has both the time and inclination to investigate and discuss cabbie John Sunol. She thinks right-wingers derelict in not helping her expose a man who she regards as "stupid to the point of possibly having some kind of disability":
You’d expect Sunol’s loopy behaviour to invite condemnation from bloggers on both sides of the spectrum and his own colleagues in the taxi industry. Not so. According to JF Beck, Sunol is just “outspoken”, while fellow cabbie Adrian Neylan describes him as “fearless, artless” and “hapless”.
Thanks for the prompt Bridgit but the Grods crew needs no help from me in the paramount task of exposing and attacking Sunol's views on "poofters" and the like. In any event, the Grodsters have poofter issues of their own:

It's really weird how lefties so often dish out what they obviously see as gay insults.

By the way, this post follows on from an earlier effort in the same vein -- Gread has lots to say in comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sent Gread a two piece jig saw puzzle once, she sent the fucker back, it didn't have a picture on the box.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we know who runs Grods?

3:59 PM  

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