Friday, November 06, 2009

Army base shooter identified

The Fort Hood attacker is Major Malik Nadal Hasan, an army psychiatrist. It is unclear whether Hasan was Muslim by birth or a convert. His motive in killing 11 is suspected but not known for certain.

Update: President Obama's "flippancy " at the press conference where he discussed the attack is rightfully drawing harsh criticism.

Update II: Obama's atrocious performance in announcing the shootings at Ft Hood. After viewing this Americans -- at least those with even half a brain -- will realise just how shallow their President is. Who knew this was the change Obama was talking about?

Update III: Religion might have been the crucial factor in this tragedy according to cousin Nader Hasan:

Mr Hasan said his cousin had been harassed by other members of the military for being a Muslim.

Update IV: Major Hasan was wounded, not killed.

Update V: Speculation and rumour are rampant. On one side, for example, it is reported that Hasan was shouting in Arabic while shooting. The other side is attempting to draw attention away from the possible religious connection:

An estimated 30 percent of those returning from combat suffer mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. Such problems grow worse with repeated deployments and the constant exposure to danger and the sights, smells and emotions of seeing others killed or wounded, according to Army mental health surveys.

Those who treat the mentally wounded, including doctors such as Hasan, are not immune from the symptoms. It is not uncommon for therapists who treat patients for post-traumatic stress disorder to experience some symptoms vicariously after hearing account after account of the horrors of the battlefield.

Perhaps the not so good doctor was simply trying to spare those killed the horror of serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Update VI: CNN posts video of Hasan –– traditional garb is not a good look for a U.S. Army officer.


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