Saturday, December 19, 2009

Psst, wanna trade a car for a kidney?

Indonesia prohibits selling body organs but as with many illegal internet activities, the law is difficult to enforce. So an apparently roaring trade in kidneys has developed, with price starting at a today only, this offer will not be repeated, US$5,945. For some sellers the deal doesn't even require cash:

16-year-old male selling a kidney for 350 million rupiah or in exchange for a Toyota Camry.

This is easy to make light of but is actually quite gruesome. What next, killing people and stealing their organs? Oops, forgot that the Israeli Defence Force is already accused of doing just that - don't shoot that Palestinian in the head, his brain will be useless for transplant.

I reckon there are some pretty good reasons for having not one kidney but two, and using one of them as a piggy bank isn't amongst them. Now that's easy for me to say living, as I do, the life of Riley here in Australia.

Anyway, if someone is desperate enough to sell a kidney it's great to see them keeping prices down by eliminating the kidney broker middlemen. And what kind of job is "kidney broker"? I mean, does one go to an employment agency and sign up for that? What the Hell would you put on a CV? Would a job application ask if you'd every robbed a grave or stolen from a morgue? Does Harvard Business School offer courses in "kidney broking"? It all seems very weird to me.



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