Friday, January 08, 2010

Selling sex okay, buying it a no-no

There you are alone and lonely watching TV in your hotel room when there is an unexpected knock at the door. Imagine your surprise upon discovering three hot babes wanting to come inside for sex, for a price, of course.

The three young hotties don't usually do this sort of thing; they are out for a night on the town, run low on money and decide to sell their favours to raise some quick cash, so they randomly knock on hotel doors seeking a customer. Against your better judgement you invite them in, settling on a price after some spirited haggling. Everyone is soon stripped down to their undies.

Before any actual sex happens the girls take the opportunity to grab their clothes and the cash and scamper. Anticipating that this might happen you head them off at the door. An argument ensues, the commotion drawing the attention of hotel staff who call the police.

In this scenario, who gets arrested? Strangely, you are the only person charged - in handing over money in anticipation of sex you have exploited the three females, exhibiting the inherent male desire to dominate females. Thus in Sweden, Norway and Iceland selling sex is not illegal whereas buying it is.

This doesn't make sense. These three young ladies were on the prowl looking for a male to exploit and found one. In sexual relationships females have all the power so if anything selling sex is about dominating males. The world is increasingly topsy turvy, with Europe leading the way.


Anonymous Mark said...

By the way, Europe consists of more than 50 independent countries. And one single law, which may or may not be 'nutty', in three of them cannot be used to deride a whole continent. Talking about a broad brush. But then again...what can you expect on a right-wing blog!

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