Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Anyone can express an opinion

Asian Correspondent blogger Bala Murali Krishna alleges that Indian students in Australia are suffering "obviously racial attacks" but provides nothing, zero, zilch, nada to back up his claim. Thus we see a perfect example of the blog problem: anyone can express an opinion, even if they have no idea what they're talking about.


Anonymous Jo Lane said...

Yes I too was interested in this blog which seemed largely unsubstantiated. There was also a comment, "That is because the quality of education in that country is far from uplifting. In fact, it doesn’t even match the standards of many Indian colleges and universities."

I would be interested to learn if the blogger actually has any proof of that? Or that Canadian or English colleges are actually better than Australian ones?

I'm guessing Indian students like to come to Australia for a variety of reasons, one being the shared love of cricket, our quality of living, closeness to Asia and ties with many countries, the possibilty of living here permanently, finding a job etc. I certainly would encourage them to keep coming.

In Australia we grow up with people of all races around us and yes while there are racist people in every society, I think largely we are incredibly tolerant of other customs and cultures. I myself am a first generation Australian with Indian parentage on one side. I have never experienced any kind of racism here and I personally embrace the multi culturalism prevalent in our society. The more the better.

I had to get the train a few times yesterday (vehicle in for a service) and went into Brisbane's inner city where I really noted the racial mix of people on and around the train because I have been thinking about this issue. I've travelled a bit so I could roughly guess where people might be from, but the average person would probably not differentiate between someone from Pakistan or India for example, or someone from China or Vietnam. I therefore don't think in the middle of the night wandering through a park that someone is thinking, oh that person is definitely Indian I'll get him. These crimes seem to have been random acts at odd times of the night and in places not really fit to be wandering around alone.

For example yesterday around Brunswick St station there were certainly unsavoury types and it was the middle of the day! There were half drunk people wandering about and at one point I followed a woman screaming at the top of her lungs for no apparent reason. It's not a place I would go on my own after dark.

So I think the police or perhaps it was the Government's attempts to re-educate students about the dangers of wandering at night in Australia is really important. Most terrible crimes like this seem to happen late at night in parks, stations, bike paths and places that are both deserted and unsavoury. We had our own batch of sexual assaults on bike paths in and around the city last year, most taking place after dark or early hours of the morning.

Australia is not necessarily dangerous or racist, but we do have big cities and are not just a land of kangaroos and koalas. The sooner people realize that perhaps they can make better decisions about where they are at night and stay safe. None of us want incidences like this to keep occurring.

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