Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Malaysian couples in overly close proximity arrested

A police swoop produces impressive results:

Fifty-two unmarried couples could face charges of sexual misconduct and jail terms after being caught in hotel rooms by Malaysia's Islamic morality police.

Scores of officers conducted raids on budget hotels on New Year's Day in the western state of Selangor.

France is also policing couples:

If you insult your wife or husband repeatedly, you could soon find yourself in court if you live in France.

The charge? Psychological violence.

That's what the new offence will be called if a bill backed by the government is passed by parliament.

Once considered a purely private domain, rows between married or cohabiting couples could now prompt intervention from the state.

It's about time government stepped in to protect men from the psychological violence experts.


Anonymous Razor said...

Man - you are so in trouble with that last comment.

Is there a Mrs Beck? If so, does she read this blog?

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