Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dying woman denied second liver transplant

Claire Murray, a 24 year-old mother of two, received a new liver last year and now needs another but has been excluded from the liver transplant waiting list. Claire is, you see, a chronic drug abuser, doctors attributing the failure of her transplanted liver to continuing drug use. Her family says Claire isn't to blame:

Her father, Michael Murray, believes his daughter's drug addiction began after she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and prescribed dexamphetamine at the age of 12.

Mr Murray has rejected claims by doctors that her drug addiction was responsible for the failure of her first donor organ

The Western Australian Health Minister Dr Kim Hames is standing firm:

This is a complex and emotional case and the decision not to put Ms Murray back on the waiting list for a liver transplant was made by a team of experts in the field.

As with so many drug abusers, it looks like Claire Murray's lifestyle choices will kill her, despite the medical system giving her a second chance – most people get only one shot at life, there's no reason why Claire should get three.



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