Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here's a pile of money, come and get it

Anyone insulating his home would do some research aiming to get the highest quality product at the best possible price. That isn't how the government operates, however. It takes money collected through taxes, dumps it in the street and shouts out "come and get it and, oh, by the way, install what you deem to be insulation, in the homes of hapless tax payers, equal in value to the money you scooped up from the pile". This, of course, attracts every huckster, conman and fraudster within cooee, all of whom become overnight insulation installation experts.

And now that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of these insulation installations have been botched, with numerous house fires and four installers killed, the government belatedly cancels the program and offer millions of dollars in compensation to the installers, both shonky and reputable, who are now unable to to find work pending the inevitable reintroduction of a new version of the government subsidised insulation scheme.

The Prime Minister has now accepted responsibility for this debacle, this in order to take the pressure off the cognizant minister, Peter Garrett, who wouldn't have a clue. Voters will hopefully remember, at the next election, that the current Labor government has shown exceptionally poor judgement in throwing cash around quite irresponsibly.



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