Saturday, March 13, 2010

Al-Jazeera uncovers irrefutable proof of WMD use in Iraq

Dr Muhammed Tareq al-Darraji cites, during an al-Jazeera segment, a UK Atomic Energy Authority report which predicts "500,000 Iraqis will die due to the radioactive debris left in the desert before the end of this century", this radioactive debris arising from depleted uranium munitions.

John Pilger cites the same "report" during a discussion with discredited depleted uranium "expert" Doug Rokke:

The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority have published a report, or not published a report but have certainly concluded, and you probably know about this, that if 8 per cent of the depleted uranium fired in the Gulf was inhaled it could cause 500,000 deaths.

So, the report doesn't actually exist.

Pilger, apparently unsure of the exact nature of Rokke's expertise, describes him first as a health physicist and later as a nuclear physicist. (From what I gather, Rokke has neither health nor physics qualifications; his PhD is in Educational Methodology.)

But I digress. The al-Jazeera segment featuring Dr al-Darraji and independent journalist Dahr Jamail is truly atrocious, blaming supposedly toxic American radiological and chemical "WMDs" for an unquantified increase in cancers and birth defects in Fallujah. Viewer email comments, all reaffirmed by Jamail and al-Darraji, including:

"Bombs and rockets tipped with depleted uranium are the real Weapons of Mass Destruction, and their effects will continue for generations."

"Such deformities and anomalies are sure to have occurred through the use of restricted weapons including radiological, biological and chemical."

According to host Riz Kahn, the program examines the evidence "behind allegations that "controversial" weapons used by U.S. soldiers in Fallujah six tears ago have caused the surge in serious birth defects in that city." This claim is bogus in that the "evidence" is nothing more than hearsay and rumour. When asked if stress could perhaps be contributing to the alleged surge in birth defects Dr al-Darraji replies, "it must be radiation or something". Yes indeed; or something.

To round the report out Israel's use of whtie phosphorus comes up as does the "irrefutable proof" of American veterans fathering deformed babies as a direct result of exposure to "dangerous" American weapons.

Toward the end of the segment Jamail goes way over the top, however, in citing Doug Rokke as the U.S. Army's "man in charge" of studying the effects of depleted uranium. Rokke has never served in any such capacity.

Also mentioned is Dr al-Darraji's "detailed" report on the allegedly disasterous effects of the U.S.'s use of white phosphorus and depleted uranium, the report featuring the unbiased testimony of the Independent's Patrick Cockburn.

This al-Jazeera segment is nothing more than poorly disguised anti-U.S. propaganda. Since it's linked by Antony Loewenstein this is inevitable.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

It's amazing that those who will never be convinced 9/11 was the work of Islamists have such a low requirement for proof in other areas...

They demand a "fair trial" for the scum at Guantanamo Bay, yet are happy to convict and hang America (and obviously Israel) at the drop of a hat.

8:31 PM  

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