Monday, March 29, 2010

Climate doom-mongers wrong: Gulf Stream shows no signs of shutting down

Contrary to what Al Gore and his fellow climate doom and gloomers have encouraged us to believe, the Gulf Stream shows no signs of shutting down:

The Gulf Stream does not appear to be slowing down, say US scientists who have used satellites to monitor tell-tale changes in the height of the sea.

Confirming work by other scientists using different methodologies, they found dramatic short-term variability but no longer-term trend.

A slow-down - dramatised in the movie The Day After Tomorrow - is projected by some models of climate change.

So it looks like the predicted global warming-induced Gulf Stream shutdown will not produce a seemingly paradoxial European ice age after all.


Anonymous Jared said...

Seems to be so many mixed ideas on global warming. Its happening but to what degree is unknown.

This is one of the few reports I've seen stating this information though.

12:46 PM  

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