Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sydneysiders shun Earth Hour

Here's a scenario familiar to probably half the males on the planet: after a few drinks a truly great idea staggers into view. You know, revelations like: the game's gotten really boring so let's liven things up by running onto the pitch and tackling a player; I can beat that train; I bet the water-bed can spring me right up to the ceiling; or, she'll love a pair of crotchless panties. Fortunately, most such ideas soon pass into oblivion; not so with Earth Hour:

Like so many great ideas, Earth Hour was conceived in a pub.

So says "the co-founder and executive director of Earth Hour Global, Andy Ridley." Exactly why a spontaneous participatory activity needs an executive director is unclear – the position seems akin to being executive director of Change Your Underwear Global.

Anyway, the Sydney Morning Herald – a big promoter of the event – reports that Earth Hour 2010 is "bigger than ever." This is technically correct in that the idea has been picked up around the world. Sydneysiders have lost some of their passion for flicking off the lights, however:

Electricity usage reports are indicating that fewer people and businesses took part in last night's Earth Hour in the Sydney CBD than in previous years.

Energy Australia recorded a 6.3 per cent reduction in energy use in the city during the event, equivalent to 15.9 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Paul Myors from Energy Australia says that is one of the smallest reductions in the event's history.

And the people of Sydney had a bright idea: let there be light.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

Fairfax news radio was also breathlessly reporting it was "bigger than ever" under the pretense of "news". I was surprised they didn't disclose their own involvement in the scheme.

Actually, I'm not surprised.

3:59 PM  

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