Saturday, March 06, 2010

Senator Bob Brown: 'spineless' Rudd behind Sea Shepherd search

Greens Senator Bob Brown, keen to occupy the spotlight with Sea Shepherd attention-seeker Paul Watson, lashes out at the government after the Steve Irwin's crew was detained while the ship was searched by Federal Police on docking at Hobart:

The spineless Rudd government has laid charges, including throwing of rancid butter, but the Shonan Maru 2's ‘sinking' of the whale-protection boat Ady Gil, threatening the lives of six crew members, is not mentioned.

Tokyo has taken over Australia's Antarctic seas and whales and now it controls events in Hobart.

Brown can't speak highly enough of the butter-tossing sea-hippies:

It's just totally outrageous that Tokyo, using Australian police personnel has raided the ship carrying these anti-whaling heroes back into port in Hobart.

Yeah, how dare anyone use anything as trivial as the law to trouble these, er... heroes? I say we forget about historical greats – Charles Kingsford Smith, for example – and instead admire self-promoting do-gooders who spend their summers cruising Antarctic waters shooting lasers, throwing rancid butter and getting their multi-million speedboat run over. Cuz', you known, real acts of heroism are so, well, passe – saving the planet is so where it's at. Quick, update the national curriculum to include Paul Watson and his jolly Roger-sporting crew.

The Prime Minister, obviously miffed at the "spineless" jibe, is keen to show the Sea Shepherd-adoring masses he's right on top of the cetacean slaughter situation:

Either the government of Japan agrees to reduce its current catch from where it is to zero, in a reasonable time, or the Australian government will prosecute this matter in the international court of justice and we would initiate that action prior to the next whaling season.

Gee, the Ruddster is kinda hot when he talks all threatening like.

Hey, here's an idea: put Peter Garrett in charge of the anti-whaling effort and let's see what happens. Extinction looms.


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