Monday, April 26, 2010

Idiot-proofing is impossible

To protect itself from being sued by idiots, the manufacturer of the luggage rack now attached to my motorbike provides a booklet containing not only mounting instructions and tightening torques but also three warnings and two cautions. For example:

Caution To install/remove the luggage rack, switch off the motorcycle and secure it against falling over and rolling away. Keep children and pets away from the work area!

Warning Avoid touching hot engine parts or the hot exhaust system when installing/removing the luggage rack, as there is a DANGER OF BURNS!

All for the simple procedure of removing the six screws attaching the factory-installed grab-handle and then reinstalling the screws to attach the luggage rack. The installation could be performed by a 10-year-old without instruction but the manufacturer is obviously worried someone will somehow manage to kill their cat or incinerate themselves, or maybe both. Kinda sad, really, except for the cat part. Anyway, idiots are going to find ways to do damage no matter what, hence a number of bikers are missing fingers mangled while attempting to clean drive chains with the motor running and the bike in gear – spinning the rear wheel by hand is way too strenuous and time consuming.



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