Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Australian government accused of pressuring refugee status reviewers

With detention facilities overflowing the government denies claims of pressuring refugee status reviewers:

A former member of the Refugee Review Tribunal, Peter Katsambanis, claims members of the panel were told to go easy on asylum seekers appealing against [Department of Immigration and Citizenship] decisions to send them home.

Mr Katsambanis is a former Victorian Liberal upper house MP.

There are also claims members of the tribunal fear they will lose their jobs in the next round of appointments for rejecting too many appeals.

Immigration Minister Chris Evans said the process of appointing tribunal members had never been more transparent.

He also rejected any suggestion of government interference.

The claims of pressure brought to bear are, of course, ignored by refugee advocate Jeremy Sear in favour of an attack on Mr Katsambanis and columnist Andrew Bolt. Really, Sear should seek professional help for his Bolt obsession.


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