Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Indian police searching for Swedish Bollywood extra

The Local reports from Sweden:

Police in India are continuing their hunt for Swedish photo model Lucky Mångårda after the 34-year-old whistleblower claimed to have further video evidence of links between Goa police and the region's drug mafia, New Delhi TeleVision (NDTV) reports.

Mångårda first came to the attention of the authorities when she posted spycam footage to YouTube of her drug dealer Israeli ex-boyfriend Yaniv 'Atala' Banaim. The video resulted in the arrests in March of Atala and half a dozen Goa police officers, the Times of India reports.

The Swedish model revealed last month she was in possession of further incriminating video material tying police in Goa, as well as the son of a local politician, to the region's drug trade.

According to Lucky she isn't in hiding and has yet to be contacted by authorities. By the way, Lucky's :D :D :D is more than a display of emotion; it's also her bra size.


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