Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here kitty, kitty, kitty, come get some nice tuna

My son's dog, which I often doggy-sit, is something of an escape artist, recently managing to clamber over a five foot high wall, heading straight for the nearest dog beach where he was, being a gregarious mutt, nabbed by the ranger. For this I incurred a $50 impoundment fee plus a $100 fine for failing to leash my dog.

Many cats on the other hand are allowed to roam free killing small animals at will and leaving nasty little cigar-shaped surprises in neighbourhood gardens. Thus this is a move in the right direction:

More than 270 cats found roaming within the City of Swan have been put down since new City bylaws were enacted.

Statistics obtained by the Community Newspaper Group confirm 273 cats have been euthanased [sic] since the City began impounding straying animals in January 2009.

Chief executive Mike Foley said under the City’s law residents are allowed to trap cats that enter their property uninvited

Don't let the cats go to waste; turn them into dog food.


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