Friday, July 16, 2010

Holland tells dope seekers to look elsewhere

Even though technically illegal, the personal use of marijuana is largely ignored in Holland, thus the proliferation of "coffee houses" serving weed as a lucrative sideline. This naturally attracts tourists wanting to have a public puff. But non-enforcement also attracts less desirable elements, so the government has stepped in:

The Dutch border town of Maastricht is within its rights to ban foreigners from its marijuana coffeeshops, Europe's top court has said.

While the very foundation of the European Union is the free movement of people, meaning a country cannot forbid citizens of another EU state from doing something its own citizens are allowed to do, this does not apply to getting off your face on White Widow, according to the finding of an advocate-general with the European Court of Justice.

The reasoning is simple: We allow our own citizens to break the law but that privilege is not extended to foreigners. Now buy a pair of wooden shoes and then piss off.


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