Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Language skills not a law school prerequisite

Want to study law but worry that your English language skills are inadequate? Don't fret, even if English isn't your primary language chances are you can write better than Juris Doctor student Michael Brull, whose current piece at The Drum is a woeful advertisement for the University of New South Wales.

Update: Brull's byline says he "has a featured blog at Independent Australian Jewish Voices". This obviously wasn't checked by The Drum's editorial staff; Brull's most recent IAJV post was in September 2009. In fact IAJV is more or less moribund, with only one blog or commentary post in 2010 – Antony Loewenstein milked all of the attention he could from IAJV and then abandoned his creation.

Update II: A commenter at The Drum nails it:

I'm a little confused. Is the appalling mish mash of ideas and swooning ideology presented here the product of a university education?

Or a hysterical rant from a pubescent high school essay?

Brull is, believe it or not, a mature age graduate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should have guessed - he's a mate of Lowenstein. What's the chance of two leftist radical half wits being semi literate?

Oh wait.........pretty good on reflection

2:34 PM  

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