Saturday, July 10, 2010

Celebrity academic says his dog eats better than your kids

Dr Peter Dingle, Perth's own celebrity academic, whose dog, he says, eats better than your kids, describes his mutt's diet:

I feed my dog raw game meat, leftovers and only the best dried food as a treat.

Dogs and cats eat what they were designed to eat, but most kids eat foods that no longer resemble real food.

Game meat? That can only be kangaroo, Australia's national animal. Disgusting! And how is that dogs are "designed to eat" totally unnatural human "leftovers" and highly processed "dried foods"? All very iffy indeed.

Even more iffy, Dr Dingle is described as a "nutritional toxicologist", apparently a self-appointed qualification – a search of the term "nutritional toxicologist" produces only 130 hits, 9 of the first 10 referring to Dr Peter Dingle. That such a dubious claim to seemingly non-existent credentials is made at a Murdoch University webpage is astounding – as far as I can tell Dr Dingle has no formal nutrition qualifications, is not engaged in formal nutrition research and has authored no peer-reviewed nutrition research papers.

This apparent lack of expertise does not deter Dr Dingle from writing books and generally spouting off about matters on which he is not an authority. There is money to made, of course.



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