Thursday, July 08, 2010

Australian Left 'genuinely' wants to debate misguided, right-wing, xenophobic racists

Gavin Atkins has already skewered former Crikey blogger Scott Bridges' let's-have-a-debate article at The Drum – ABC News's "analysis" appendage – but there's plenty more to be said.

Bridges' The Drum article isn't about encouraging debate at all, rather it aims to smear all who aren't pro-asylum seekers. Thus he characterises the debate as "legitimising racism and xenophobia". He then describes the "genuinely-held views" of those who disagree with him as "uninformed or misguided". He argues that we must respect the views of others' alternative views even if we "despise them" and speaks of "dodgy claims" and "racist" opinions.

Bridges, in fact, would like to silence those who do not agree with him – me, for example. Bridges should perhaps return to what he's good at: finding hidden sexual meaning in educational materials and photo-shopping soft drink bottle to appear penis-like.

In the interest of free speech, Bridges has, of course, consigned his very clever post above to oblivion.


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