Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Perth pensioners 'freezing to death' in their homes

It's literally freezing, with Perth and surrounds experiencing a record spell of low temperatures, with several deaths suspected. The cold weather could be taking is toll on pensioners who, thanks in part to recent utility price hikes, can't afford to heat their homes, The St Vincent de Paul Society reporting:

Increases in utilities has hit many people hard, not only the elderly, and I think people are having to make those decisions now "do I turn the heating on, or do I put an extra blanket on my bed?'

Electricity supplier Synergy says many customers have asked for more time to pay their bills, the total amount overdue rising in the past year from AU$1 million (US$848,000) to AU$9 million (US$7.6 million).

Now try to imagine what the situation will be like if climate change campaigner Tim Flannery gets his way and electricity prices skyrocket – so what if those who can't afford to heat their homes are dying of exposure in their lounge rooms; fewer people means lower emissions.


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