Friday, July 09, 2010

Science fail

Scientist Dr Ros Gleadow worries that rising atmospheric carbon dioxide will adversely affect plants with possibly dire consequences:

Yes, what I work on is the direct effect of carbon dioxide on plants, and plants increase in efficiency when you grow them at high carbon dioxide, and that means they can allocate more resources for defence against pests, and that's really fantastic for the plants but it's not good for the animals that eat them.

Paradoxically, Gleadow is investigating the complex relationship between atmospheric carbon dioxide and plant growth but doesn't understand the simple process whereby yeasts turn sugar into the carbon dioxide that causes bread to rise:

So if wheat is going to have 20% less protein, apart from the fact that your bread won't rise properly, it does mean that you would need to eat more wheat or rice or whatever to get your protein content.

Scientists should stick to research and be neither seen nor heard.


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