Monday, August 09, 2010

Apology not good enough

Stephen Mitchell, Deputy Director and Head of News Programmes at BBC News has issued an apology to the University of East Anglia for an assertion by John Humphrys that researchers had "distorted the debate about global warming to make the threat seem even more serious than they believed it to be". The apology in the form of a letter was addressed to Professor Trevor Davies who commented: “I am grateful to Mr Mitchell for this careful and considered letter. UEA is pleased to accept the BBC’s apology.”

Not good enough for Tim Lambert, one of crew of very iffy "science" bloggers who complains "it has taken over nine months to make this simple correction, for which, surely, there is no excuse."

Then surely there is no excuse for Lambert's refusing to correct numerous errors, misrepresentations and out right lies going back not months but years. Lambert's history of ethical issues is near legendary.



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