Sunday, August 01, 2010

Australian journalist makes it big

Seeking expert opinion on the Wikileaks release of secret U.S. war related documents al Jazeera sought input from Australia's own Middle East authority Antony Loewenstein. The 23-minute segment features Loewenstein (at 8:40 in) for all of 14 seconds. In that time Loewenstein related everything he knows about everything.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

You have to laugh at Antony Loewenstein professing to give advice on 'what journalists should be doing'.

Having submitted his own webcam video to Al-Jazeera's website, I have little doubt he will shortly be adding Al-Jazeera to the list of media outlets in which he has appeared.

At least he's not flogging the whole "silenced" meme that much these days.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...


I was right. Loewenstein claims: "They asked me to briefly comment on the tale".

No they didn't, Antony. They asked ALL of their viewers to send something to them (

Just because they've published lots of my letters, the editor of The Australian has never asked me to submit something, nor would I make such a grandiose claim.

If Al-Jazeera were that interested in hearing from you, mate, they would have sent a man with an expensive camera around to your share-house in Petersham. Not asked you to fire up your seven dollar Dick Smith webcam.

What a tool.

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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