Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Israel's Nazi scientists

As is common amongst fringe leftists Antony Loewenstein is a conspiracy theorist:

Zionist “pragmatism” in action, as evidence grows that Israel used Nazi scientists in the 1960s to assist in its development of a nuclear program.

Loewenstein's link is to a post by anti-Israel Swiss journalist Shraga Elam, presumably the same Shraga Elam cited by infamous "historian" David Irving as writing:

I find it a real pity that a brilliant researcher like yourself got mixed up with this stuff of the so called "Auschwitz-denial", because I agree with you completely that Hitler was no part of the project Auschwitz. According to my theory, it was even part of a plan of Himmler against Hitler, just as is quiet good proven in the case of the destruction of the Hungarian Jewry in 1944.

Thus Loewenstein aligns himself with the fruitcakes who think Hitler is grossly misunderstood while Zionists are inherently evil. No wonder Loewenstein's something of a darling of the leftist media.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

In Loewenstein's twisted mind, a single blog post by a conspiracy theorist blogger enables him to claim "evidence grows".

On that basis, this post means "evidence grows" that Antony is a fringe dwelling idiot. As if it weren't already proven.

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"aligns himself with the fruitcakes who think Hitler is grossly misunderstood"

Everything you need to know about the 'intellectual' nutcase's motivations summarised within one sentence.

Nice work Mr Beck, succinct as usual.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lowenstein doesn't even understand the irony of being - supposedly - jewish and seeing hitler's point of view.


but not for an intellectual midget

12:46 AM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

"Do you think that Golden Walkley award was given in 2004 to a “fruitcake”?"

I don't see why not. Australia has awarded "National Living Treasure" status to complete fruitcakes. What makes you so special?

9:03 PM  

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