Saturday, September 04, 2010

Female crashes high-powered car

Last night I heard fire brigade sirens in the distance; nothing unusual about that. A few minutes later more sirens. Over the next 15 minutes or so yet more sirens. Assuming it was a fire I continued reading – actually, re-reading, Paul Johnson's Modern Times. The distinctive sound of a passing helicopter – not the police chopper – made me put down my book and go outside for a look. The helicopter was circling in the distance, hovered and descended out of sight.

My interest aroused, I grabbed the camera and went to see what was happening. It took a while to find the action but with multiple emergency vehicles to follow I was soon on the scene of a car accident. Avoiding police lines I circled down to the beach and around behind where the action seemed to be, eventually coming upon the mangled remains of a late model Holden Commodore, it's roof peeled back to gain access to the car's obviously injured occupants

The car, bearing Mandurah plates, apparently being driven by a woman, failed to negotiate a bend in the wet road, mounted the curb, shredded a tree, sheared off a power pole, slid across the wet grass and through a wire fence (with a large metal pipe top piece), eventually ending up in the dunes. The male passenger suffering a major head injury.

Excessive speed might well be a factor in this crash; the car appears to have been travelling at a speed well above the posted 50 kmh limit.


Anonymous WreckChords said...

I was very close to this accident when it happened. I was sitting outside at the time. There was a loud bang and the whole backyard/street lit up so brightly that it hurt my eyes. The sudden sound of the impact and the blinding burst of light scared the pants off me. What is strange is that I did not hear a car driving by or, even more interestingly, the sound of screeching brakes. There have been crashes like this on the exact same stretch of road and even fatal crashes that can be heard from several roads away where the screeching of the brakes and loss of control is clearly heard before impact. Must have hit the wrong pedal? I would like to know if she was intoxicated although that's probably a no-brainer. Very sad. Nice photo's though.

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