Monday, September 13, 2010

Muslims attack Christian worshippers

The controversy surrounding the proposed mosque near the World Trade Center site has captured the world's attention while religious intolerance in Indonesia is largely ignored:

For the last few weeks, a group of Christians have been holding their Sunday prayer services on an empty plot of land - resulting in violent clashes between them and the majority Muslims.

On Sunday, a church member was stabbed in what some are calling the latest example of religious intolerance. It's not clear who is behind the stabbing.

The Christians say the land belongs to them, and they were given permission by the local government to pray here.

The Muslims say that according to Indonesian law, the Christians need to get the approval of residents in the area before they can make the land a place of worship.

They have even put up signs warning what will happen if the Christians continue to pray here on Sundays.

"If there is violence that results from this, then the Christians only have themselves to blame.”

"Stop these illegal prayers right now, or the public will take action," one reads.

Another proclaims, "The people of Bekasi reject the construction of a church on this land."

Those protesting against the New York mosque have so far managed to eschew violence.


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