Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Non-Europeans the real racist Australians

In an article in The Age, Emily Howie, director (advocacy and strategic litigation) at the Human Rights Law Resource Centre, argues that Australians are racists:

The reality, according to a 2009 VicHealth survey, is that nearly one in 10 of us do not believe that people of all races are equal or that inter-racial marriage should be supported. In the same survey, 37 per cent of respondents felt Australia was weakened by people of different ethnic origins ''sticking to their old ways''.

Thirty-six per cent of respondents said some groups did not fit within Australian society, with Muslim, Middle Eastern and Asian people cited most commonly.

Howie somehow manages to ignore the introduction to the Vic Health report, which reads, in part:

Victoria has a longstanding and positive record in welcoming newcomers. By-and-large we have enjoyed harmonious inter-cultural relations and benefited significantly from the social, cultural and economic contributions of migrants and refugees.

Also ignored:

Victorians were twice as likely to be concerned if a relative were to marry someone from an Asian than a British background (20% versus 8%), and were nearly four times more likely to be concerned if the marriage was to someone from a Muslim than a Christian background (43% versus 11%). About a quarter of Victorians express concern about inter-marriage to people from Indigenous or Jewish backgrounds.

So a sizable percentage of non-British Victorians object to marriage to British Victorians. Also, it's notable that more one in 10 Victorians object to a family member marrying someone from a Christian background.

Thus it's obvious that Victoria's minority groups are considerably more racist than are those of European background. It is therefore understandable that Howie does not link to the Vic Health study.


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