Monday, November 29, 2010

Commenters Seared

Following the poor showing of both the ALP and his beloved Greens in Victoria over the weekend, enlightened lefty Jeremy Sear issues an invitation at Pure Poison:
Celebrate, commiserate. Gloat or remonstrate. Get it out of your system.
So readers respond. After all, that’s what Jeremy asked for.

But then in comments he attacks and abuses them, whining about “spiteful rightwingers”, “fatuous” theories, “trolls”, “shit analysis”, “asinine advice” and people “projecting their hatred”.

Um, Jeremy. That would be you.


Anonymous ken n said...

Yes, that's funny to watch. Remember Mao's Hundred Flowers campaign? To entice opponents out into the open. Probably what Sear had in mind.
I read quite a few blogs I disagree with - they are usually more interesting than reading stuff and nodding - but I can't take PP.
Perhaps the most thorough-going unpleasant blog in the country.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous worried said...

Wally J only allowed 6 comments into the thread before Interjecting,

"Pleasant chaps, some of these spiteful rightwingers, aren’t they? But duck for cover when they start a-whinging."

Oh, dear.

8:07 PM  

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