Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Overland literary journal publishes semi-literate nonsense

Overland, "the most radical of Australia’s long-standing literary and cultural magazines", today publishes "The greatest irony of Western policy", which starts off:
After the US mid-term elections, President Barack Obama is severely weakened by the rise of the Republicans. His unwillingness or inability to pursue true justice and peace in the Middle East will only be worsened.
Thus are we informed of the nonsensical proposition that President Obama's "unwillingness or inability" to pursue Middle East peace will not increase, it will "worsen". You guessed it, this mangling of both thought and language can only come from independent journalist Antony Loewenstein.

The article gets no better following the introduction:
Tragically, despite the soaring rhetoric including the recent speech to the Muslim world in Indonesia, Obama’s presidency has been notable for its continuation of previous administration policies. Relations with the Muslim world remain dire because occupation has only deepened in places such as Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan. For example, drone attacks have killed more civilians in Pakistan since Obama assumed office.
The greatest irony of Western policy towards the Middle East is its shortsightedness.
Policy towards? Why not straightforwardly write "Shortsightedness is the greatest irony of Western Middle East policy."?

Yet Loewenstein's article draws this comment at Overland:
What a succinct, compelling and chilling analysis of the impact and the consequences of western policy in the Middle East that would rarely, if ever, see the light of day in mainstream media. Indeed mainstream media are a huge part of the problem. Thanks Antony, thanks Overland.
Overland's claims to have published "‘culture that matters … since 1954" but in 2010 publishes semi-literate, irrelevant nonsense by Antony Loewenstein. Overland must be desperate.

Update: Loewenstein's factually challenged Monday Crikey article "Australian troops involved in covert and deadly operations for the US" draws savage responses from both Neil James, Executive Director, Australia Defence Association and Professor Douglas Kirsner, School of International & Political Studies, Deakin University. (Click the link and scroll down.)


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

Congratulations Antony. It's not just the eeeevil Zionist Lobby who think you are full of shit and your writing is crap.

It's everyone else too.

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The greatest irony of Western policy towards the Middle East is its shortsightedness.

That sentence will just never work, Beck.

Can irony be measured, and therefore ranked?

And bearing in mind the correct meaning of irony, how can "shortsightedness" be ironic in this context?

Truly, Loewenstein has outdone himself this time.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have left several polite but contradictory comments on his blog on his many ridiculous jokes of articles

His response is not debate but immediate blacklisting

he is a coward, and a piece of vermin

What a total f*&^ing joke

7:11 PM  
Anonymous TBS said...

Jeff, you must realise that Overland is run by Jeff Sparrow, a self-conscious antiIsrael poser who is apparently a 'nice guy" while constituting part of "radical" Melbourne. Oh yes, there is such a catgeory.
He has written several books which sum him up quite nicely:

Radical Melbourne: A Secret History
Radical Melbourne 2: The Enemy Within
Communism: A Love Story
Killing:Misadventures in Violence

Student activist, etc.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...


In general, I'd say a blogger has the right to publish or not publish whatever he wants.

Loewenstein is however a special case as he built his reputation on the basis he was 'silenced' for his views.

He wasn't, and most hopeless first-time writers could only dream of the sort of publicity he received from an Israel or Jew-hating leftist media.

So his constant censorship of his opponents is massive hypocrisy. However I understand why he does it. He wouldn't want his followers to realise how factually inaccurate, clueless, dishonest and sub-literate he is.

His ego and mental illness is such that in his view, anyone who says he is wrong, can only possibly be a Zionist bully-boy. He'd never dare consider that just maybe, he's wrong. In other words, Antony, who has called for 'wider debate' can't actually handle it.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Antony, who has called for 'wider debate' can't actually handle it.'

agreed + precisely my point.

He is a coward of the lowest order

6:52 PM  

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