Thursday, November 18, 2010

Airborne activist pepper-sprayed

Or so this blog post intimates:
Pepper-sprayed for being a peace activist over Palestine
That's noted language-mangler Antony Loewenstein, who's also innumerate:
I spoke to countless union officials and leaders across the country and most refused to talk on the record about these matters, the AWU and Howes.
Oddly, the Australian population is countable as is the number of union members, much less their "officials and leaders" – keeping count is too much to ask, as is accuracy:
Crikey Ed: This story originally cited national occupational health and safety unit director Dr Yossi Berger in Victoria in relation to Zionist advocacy conducted in the AWU; this reference has now been removed due to inaccuracy.
A great big "FAIL" for Loewenstein's foray into investigative reporting.

Anyone paying Loewenstein anything for his writing is paying too much.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

The claims by the group who copped the pepper spray, are incredible:

"Wrapped in an Israeli flag, San Francisco Voice for Israel/StandWithUs (SFVI/SWU) member Robin Dubner, an Oakland based attorney, pepper-sprayed two JVP members in the eyes and face after they attempted to nonviolently block her ability to aggressively videotape the faces of JVP meeting attendees "

How do you "aggressively" videotape someone?

What a bunch of crybabies.

6:19 PM  

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