Thursday, December 23, 2010

Show us the money trail

Postfinance spokesman Alex Josty on the early December forced closure of Julian Assange's Swiss bank account:
That's his money, he will get his money back. We just close the account.
According to the AP report, Assange's lawyers claimed that in the short time the account was active €31,000 (AU$41,950) had accumulated.

It is unclear, however, who that money actually belongs to and what it can be used for. Where did the money come from? Was the money donated to Assange or to Wikileaks? Is Wikileaks a functioning non-profit enterprise, a charitable organisation or a company? What is the organisation's tax status? Is Assange paid a wage, a salary, fees or can he dip into accumulated funds at his discretion? What is Assange's status with the Australian Tax Office?

For the sake of transparency Wikileaks must reveal its books and give a proper accounting of this money flow. Don't hold your breath.

Update: Assange is awarded free membership in the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance after his credit card was supposedly canceled. So Assange can travel all around the planet, afford accommodation, secure the best lawyers and feed himself but is unable to pay union dues. Right.

Update II: Professional musician and academic Mark Levine, who uses his MacBook Pro "10 or more hours a day", demands an Apple boycott after iTunes withdraws a Wikileaks app. Seriously, get a life, geek.

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Blogger Minicapt said...

1. Prof LeVine can't parse the Terms of Service used by Apple, and
2. He couldn't figure out how to get pron on an iPad without using iTMS, thus
3. He really is a university Prof.


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