Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stockholm bomber farewelled

The death of alleged suicide bomber Taymour Abdulwahabn is not mourned by his father-in-law:
We did not know and were not aware of his criminal plans. We feel no sorrow. We are not sad about his death. Quite the opposite.

My daughter Mona has been tricked into living with him. She did not know her husband was a criminal, or about his hidden and open intentions. I count his departure as the door to freedom for my daughter. Now she can be free from the brainwashing of terrorism.

With his action, he denies all the good he has received from Sweden, Sweden which took us in [and] has given us what no Arab or Muslim country has given us.
Nicely put.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought it an obit by Ms James' father for a mo.

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