Thursday, December 09, 2010

Wikileaks front man entitled to a free pass on sex charges

Julian Assange, co-founder of Wikeleaks, has been arrested not for his whistle-blowing activities but rather so that he can be questioned in relation to alleged sex offences:
The charges against Assange stem from a visit that the nomadic former computer hacker made to Sweden to give a seminar in August.

When Assange appeared before a London court following his arrest on Tuesday, Gemma Lindfield, representing the Swedish authorities, told the judge that Assange was wanted in connection with four allegations made by two women.

She told the court the first complainant, identified only as Miss A, said she was victim of "unlawful coercion" on the night of August 14th this year in Stockholm.

The court heard Assange is accused of using his body weight to hold her down in a sexual manner.

The second charge alleged Assange "sexually molested" Miss A by having sex with her without a condom when it was her "express wish" one should be used.

The third charge claimed Assange "deliberately molested" Miss A on August 18th "in a way designed to violate her sexual integrity."

The fourth charge accused Assange of having sex with a second woman, Miss W, on August 17th without a condom while she was asleep at her Stockholm home.
According to Assange's supporters he should, because he is seen as a modern day Ned Kelly, get a free pass. WTF?


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