Thursday, March 10, 2011

Only the insane disagree with Tim Dunlop

According to ABC Unleashed contributor Tim Dunlop, proof that the world is insane is evidenced by the fact that not everyone agrees with Tim Dunlop. Dunlop's position is... insane.


Anonymous CGM said...

Isn't Tim Dunlop yet another blogger who tried to have a go at it in the real world and failed?

So now he, too, has been taken in by our taxpayer-funded sheltered workshop for deranged Leftist "writers" and "bloggers" no-one actually wants to read.

Awesome sauce.

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Chistery said...

The discussion in this putatively sane world would be dominated by careful consideration of such matters as what price to place on carbon

I would be even saner if we carefully considered if a carbon tax would achieve anything at all.

We have to pretend that the Howard government, of which Tony Abbott was part, didn’t go to the 2007 election with a plan to price carbon.

We have to pretend that nothing has happen since that 6 years old policy that may alter that position. We have to pretend it is insane to factor in subsequent events like:

1. That the end of consensus happened in 2005 with the debunking of the Hockey stick and momentum has been growing ever since.
3. The multitude of errors exposed in IPCC report
4. That fact that the GFC turned a cashed up global economy that could fund many green dreams into a basket case with many countries now implementing austerity measures to survive
5. That in 2007 there was broad alignment in emission targets through the Kyoto protocol. However Copenhagen '09 and Cancun '10 have broken down any global plan and everyone must now go it alone.
6. That the biggest emitters have now decided to that economic development/recovery are more important that reducing C02.

Things change, mate. So who is the real pretender?

2:14 PM  
Blogger Minicapt said...

Dunlop insists on inflating his claims.
Does his CV still terminate abruptly in 2006?


1:22 PM  

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