Monday, May 16, 2011

Bolt Love

The Bolt Report launched another hatefest on Twitter, which like last week, mainly consisted of a single quite lame gag being retweeted for up to ten hours, until someone could up with another equally lame gag to replace it. This week's wit:
I love the giant word BOLT across the back of the set at #boltreport. Nice of them to give us such sensible advice. #runaway

Retweeted by KarenEap and 67 others
That is, at least 67 people who couldn't come up with their own schtick.

A later, even more lame comment sums up the problem:
I haven't seen the show but shouldn't it be called 'The DOLT Report?
When you've finished rolling all over the floor laughing at this genius, consider something.

He hasn't. Seen. The Show. But why should that stop the bolt-haters obsessing over the program? Having reviewed nearly the whole #boltreport twitter stream, there is almost no discussion whatosever about the content. Only about the host. This is from the same side which always has a big sook about what they call "ad hominem" attacks, demanding you "play the ball, not the man" etc. Boy can they dish it out though.

Whilst Q&A has its own fair share of twitter idiots, at least you could tell what's on the show without watching it, just from the adjacent twitter commentary. In Bolt's case, his haters have ensured the only thing you'd learn is that a man names Bolt hosts the show, and he's worse than Hitler. Really.

This is the same side of politics which is demanding a more "civilised discourse" in politics. Which went nuts when Tony Abbott was within a few hundred feet of a man holding a sign calling Julia Gillard a bitch, yet doesn't seem to have a problem that Julia Gillard's twitter account is following "Bolt is a Cunt".



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