Thursday, May 12, 2011

Moore's Lore

Tim Blair has reported on Clover Moore's crusade against parking spaces.
Under a plan before Sydney Council, every new apartment will get its own bicycle locker, yet only one in six will have a car space.
Good luck doing the grocery shopping on your bicycle.

What do these bicycle riders do when it's raining? Catch public transport? Oh, that's right. Sydney hasn't really got any. Well, not until Clover puts in her magical fairy-powered trams.

It's well and good for luvvie politicians to insist we should stop using cars. However until there is a viable alternative means for getting around, it's just stupid.

Moreover, now that councils spend their forecast fines revenue before they've earned it, they've become addicted to parking fines, like heroin. No cars means no fines. No fines revenue, means no sponsoring worthless wastes of money.

Rates, Roads and Rubbish, Clover.



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