Friday, May 06, 2011

Clover pulls the wool over...

It's no secret that Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore hates cars. Her barely used bike-lanes have completely screwed Sydney traffic (and parking). Her previous achievement, William St Sydney, taunts me daily. Clover's plan was for it to be a "Boulevard" of cafes, trendy shops and glamorous fashion. She would achieve this by removing two lanes of traffic and widening the footpath.

Nobody is walking on those footpaths. Nobody. It was a total failure and stands as a monument to incompetence.

In the real world, stuffing something up so badly would usually ensure a person was never given responsibility for anything ever again, if they kept their job. In NSW Government however, incompetence has never been an obstacle to promotion. So Clover then went on to 'fix' Kings Cross. Translation: Millions spent and nothing achieved.

And then the bike lanes...

In today's Daily Telegraph, Clover announces another grand plan. This time, to get rid of cars on George St (one of Sydney's main CBD streets) and replace it with "Light Rail". You know, trams. Like the trams which ran on Sydney's roads 50 years ago, but were removed because they were unsuitable to our roads and the overhead powerlines were ugly.

But these trams are better. Check out the "artist's illustration" (Click to embiggen).

Notice anything missing?

Clover Moore - how are your 180 Million Dollar wonder-trams going to be powered?

Maybe she can get Fred Flintstone to be a consultant.

Extra stupidity:
"We want to open up a network of vibrant lanes and small plazas that encourage shops, bars and other small businesses to thrive.""
If Moore prevents motor vehicles getting near them, how are all those trendy bars and shops going to have goods delivered? By bike? That handsome bloke in the picture, pushing the upright trolley is going to be a busy boy...

Perhaps Ms Moore can produce another video and triumphantly boast that her new tramline was so successful it resulted in the spontaneous construction of a Queen Victoria Building and a Town Hall.

As for her other "promise":
Lord Mayor Clover Moore yesterday promised the changes would make it easier for motorists who had to drive through the city.
Good grief.



Blogger Boy on a bike said...

William St - what a disaster. Apart from shoppers not liking to walk up hill, most cyclist don't like riding up hill either (unless they are on a training ride - then the steeper, the better).

I hate the idea of riding along a fast, busy street like William St. I'd much prefer to commute on backstreets where there's a lot less traffic and it moves a lot more slowly.

Once the overhead lines go up for the trams, it's going to make it difficult to build anything in the city. How are all those cranes etc going to get in on the weekend to lift things onto skyscrapers?

9:44 AM  
Blogger lokijon said...

I guess Queen Clover and her 'sandal-wearing, muesli-chewing, bike-riding pedestrians' going to power that tram? Are they going to have solar panels on the top? Some sails for windpower? Or are they going to require more of that cheap and effective black gold from the Hunter?

I thought Queen Clover is a greeny.

4:39 PM  

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