Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yes but...

The new pro carbon dioxide tax "Just Say Yes" campaign, is a great start for the Australian chapter of the Film Actor Guild (FAG).

They have already embarrassed themselves.

What really irks me, is the smug suggestion 8 seconds into the clip, that solar and wind generation produces clean energy "that never runs out".

Except at night, or when the wind isn't blowing.

Solar and wind advocates never want to discuss that. They don't need to, as long as there is eeeeevil coal powered baseload generation ensuring that 'somehow' the lights still come on at night.

Of course you can also use batteries to provide power when the solar/wind generators are idle. You know, those batteries filled with lead acid and other delightful ingredients that need to be disposed of.

At best, solar and wind energy is either unreliable or unclean.



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