Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dishonesty about Sharia

Via The Australian:
THE nation's peak Muslim group is using the Gillard government's re-embracing of multiculturalism to push for the introduction of sharia in Australia, but it says it would be a more moderate variety of Islamic law that fits with Australian values.
Let me guess. They wouldn't chop off hands and heads until Australian society felt it was ready for that.

According to Australian Federation of Islamic Councils' President, Ikebal Adam Patel:
"It is important for someone who is Muslim or a practising Jew that aspects of our religion which can be incorporated within the greater legal system are introduced.
Excuse me? Practicing Jews aren't trying to forcibly impose their religion on others. Considering that Muslims today represent the number one Jew-murderers since the Second World War, I'd say it's a bit of Chutzpah for the Islamic Sharia Advocates to be invoking the Jewish community as an argument for the spread of their own misogynistic, backward 7th Century practices, which amongst other things would see Jewish people convert or die.

This is followed by an question of how the Muslim community views their successful integration to date:
"Muslims are required to have social integration with the majority of people in Australia: what does this really mean? Should Muslims remove the hijab, dress like others, drink alcohol and go to the pub to demonstrate they have actually integrated?"
Yes. Because everyone knows, to be a true Australian, you need to be an alcohol drinking slut.

It is not 'us' who are ostracising Muslims. It is Muslim political and religious leaders who are actively creating enclaves and spreading fear about integration with non-Muslims.

Update: Ikebal Patel was on the phone to MTR Radio for an on-air video until he heard he'd be speaking to Andrew Bolt. He refused the interview and hung up.

I guess you can only fool some people...



Anonymous Chistery said...

I believe that under Sharia law, a muslim woman can divorce her husband by loudly exclaiming three times "I divorce you"

Once done, the marriage is over and the shamed husband is then obliged to throw acid into her face and cut off her nose and ears.

The benefit to Australian society is the time and money saved going through the divorce courts.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Dan said...


What you're referring to is the "Triple Talaq" which allows a MAN to divorce his Wife simply by saying "Talaq" three times. Only the husband can do it. A woman can't. If she gets acid thrown in her face, it's not because of this.

You can imagine after the second time he says "Talaq", an argument would end pretty quickly.

There have been cases where an Islamic male has divorced his Wife by SMS text message. This was upheld by a Sharia court.

Luckily, Imams have ruled that it doesn't count if a man is asleep when he utters the talaq.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not talak but atluqi three time. T-l-q is the root of the verb. Atluqi means I divorce you.

11:06 PM  

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