Sunday, July 10, 2011


The News of the World scandal is producing huge amounts of schadenfreude and self-righteous anti-Murdoch commentary from any number of news outlets who have themselves been complicit in intellectual dishonesty, fraudulent claims and the propagation of lies which just happened to suit their agenda.

The front page of Fairfax's Sydney Morning Herald crows about it, of course, despite their News Ltd competitors in this market having nothing whatsoever do do with what happened. However any news outlet that has recently promoted Paul McGeough, a proven liar, has no right to lecture anyone else on media ethics.

What's worse, is that media outlets don't seem to actually learn anything when they're busted. After Hezbollywood, Pallywood and the Reuters 'fauxtography' scandals, you'd think media outlets would pause before faking graphics.

Apparently not. Whilst not the biggest scandal, CBS faked Boston's 4th of July fireworks for the 'benefit' of its home viewers.

Check out comments on that post, which straight off the bat amount to "Yeah, but Fox News..."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: McGeough's lies.

The Dubai hotel room explanation -

“In referring to what the cameras ‘pick up,’ I was alluding to the movements of the killers and those of Mabhouh to and from the hotel and/or its second floor, rather than actually into and out of Mabhouh’s room.”

Not dissimilar to his ridiculous "hyena" explanation where he explained that he was referring to the movement of the boats because boats move like hyenas.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...


The Hyena thing is open to interpretation. Mine is, he's an unabashed antisemite. However opinions vary.

Whereas, in relation to the Dubai incident, he simply lied. Ditto numerous other examples cited here.

Clearly lying is no obstacle to promotion at Fairfax. The Walkleys are as tainted as the Nobel Peace Prize.

8:04 PM  

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