Friday, July 08, 2011

Hey Hey Ho Ho

Ted Lapkin has written a terrific smackdown of the deluded hippies, ferals and Jew-haters who tried to obstruct Max Brenner from selling chocolate.

However even if you remove the Israeli protest element, he's pretty much summed up every other leftist protest as well.

This unruly mob was so stereotypical that could have been supplied direct from central casting. There were 'kafiyeh' Arab-scarf-wearing Leftwing atheists rallying in defence of the theocratic medievalists of Hamas. There were radical feminists protesting on behalf of an Islamic radical regime that would slap them into a burka so fast it would make their head swim. And let's not forget the Rip Van Winkle hippies, that de rigueur cohort of aging radicals who've never outgrown their anti-Vietnam war protest stage.

And all the while, these protestors were chanting the puerile, poetically-challenged slogans we've come to expect at such events: "hey hey, ho ho [FILL IN THE BLANK] has got to go."

Read it all. It gets better.

Part of the reason Australia is such a political basket case, is that ordinary men and women would never dream of going to a protest. Regrettably, one of the fundamental democratic rights - the right to protest has been hijacked by ferals and any reference to a protest usually conjures images of ferals smashing windows, smashing cops and a copping a liberal dose of capsicum spray.

So politicians know that no matter what they do (Carbon Tax anyone?) the biggest backlash they can expect between elections, is an angry letter to the editor.


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