Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Had the Floptilla managed to get towards Gaza, the results were predictable. Israel would attempt to stop the boats from breaching the blockade and the occupants of the boats would insist they were all about peace, freedom, justice and other terms the Left seem to really misunderstand these days.

Not to waste an opportunity though, 400 brave 'activists' from a previous Flotilla attempt, upon realising they wouldn't make it to Gaza decided to travel to Syria instead.

To support the local Syrians in their struggle for democracy? To stand up for human rights and freedom? Not exactly.
Some 400 Lebanese women arrived in Syria Sunday to show solidarity with the protesters – the pro-government protesters, that is. They women did not come to to side with the activists calling for reform and democracy, but rather to support Bashar Assad's regime.
And of course to support for the Palestinians in their ongoing attempts to murder Jews brave struggle for freedom:
In a press conference held in Beirut last weekend, Al-Hajj also addressed the situation south of Lebanon's border, and the shelved idea of the Gaza-bound flotilla.

"Palestine is a high priority, but our initiative took a different direction – to stand by Syria against the difficult circumstances it is dealing with," she said. "Syria is dealing with an attempt to breach its security, stability, sovereignty, economy and the safety of its citizens. Its internal affairs should not be meddled with."

Al-Hajj is known for her strong ties with Hezbollah and Syria, which appear to be what prompted her to embark on the journey to support Assad in his hour of need. Syrian opposition sites that reported on the bus convoy stressed that the participating women are pro-Palestinian.
The good news is that Australian Greens MP Sylvia Hale certainly won't be meddling in the internal affairs of Syria. Or Iran. Or North Korea. Or Libya. Or China. Or Sudan. Israel on the other hand....

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